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Hello fellow veterans. I'm Markus Genovese. I was in the 1st battalion 9th marines infantry unit USMC.My grandfather recently passed away. He was Richard Edwin Davis Jr. He was in Btry 3/11 ACR June 68- July 69. A few years ago he lost all of his pictures and I was just hoping to find any fellow veterans that served with him and could tell me a little bit about his service and maybe have a picture of him while he was in. Any information would help. Thank you and God bless.

Added: December 30, 2017
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I'm remembering today from 49 years ago. We were with the 919th Engineers
and a bunch of 40# Shape & 40 # Concision Charges. We were going to destroy
the NVA base camp that I found earlier.
We were on a patrol somewhere? Medics weren't allowed in briefings so I don't
know exactly where we were? I think it might have been around the 23rd of Dec.
I was on Lt. Grubber's Track # 36. I noticed some bunkers in a clearing and I
said so. The Lt. asked if anyone else did & nobody did.
We went a little farther & another clearing I saw more bunkers and said so. I also
mentioned the trail with a picket fence on it, & Paul laughed. It pissed me off so
bad that I hopped off the track and walked into the base camp armed only with
my 45 cal service revolver.
Everyone stopped. Lt. Grubber asked, "Doc. what in the hell are you doing?"
That's the base camp I'm talking about.
We had 3 squads of 1st Infantry left out as listening posts. One called in that
they saw 5 NVA walking down a trail smoking and talking, rifles hung on their
shoulder's. They were going to engage them. I tried to get to a raid and tell
them to not engage they were listening posts only, but I was to late.
We lost Spc 5 Leroy Baily that day and a bunch of 1st Infantry. Lt. Grubber
was shot in the arm Cpt Scanlon was shot in the left upper chest. Many others
wounded that day.
I don't remember anybody's real names. My head was injured in a Land Mine
in mid December on G-21.
I was Senior Aid Man after I saved Cpt Salenback on the 3 day patrol from a
Machete wound.
Alvin, Doc. BALL, D-Troop, 2nd Sqd, 11th Armored Cavalry.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the General I ran off of the battle field. When I
was bandaging the Cpt. he said, "Doc, get rid of that son of a * * *." I looked
around and asked, "which son of a * * * sir." He said, "the one with all the
stars on his collar." It Was A Very Long Day.
Alvin C. Ball, RA18954450 G-Troop August 1968 to March 1969.

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I don't know any of you, but i know that some of you may have served with my father in Vietnam in 1967-1969. My father was a man named Timothy J. Bruton. He was in Vietnam for 3 tours, and was 19 when we went in. My father just passed away the morning of 11/25/17. I just ask that you all pray for him, and that he's at peace with God and himself. I hope that he doesn't have to fight anymore, and the nightly terrors that haunted him are over. My father lived a good life till the age of 70. Thank you all for your support and your service.

Added: November 29, 2017
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would like to make contact with the family of joseph esparza kia in Vietnam wounded may 1971 passed in june

Added: November 10, 2017
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john hays kia this day 1968,think about him every day.

Added: November 8, 2017
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I am looking for help - who is 'THE WIZARD' ?
I have an item memorialized as follows:
This not-inexpensive VietNam commemorative was for sale on ebay.
With the respect endowed & who this person must have been implies an interesting piece of history. I would very much appreciate any help since this is VietNam related & I was there 68-69-70
My phone is (406)377-6242 - they don't want email addresses herein but I can be reached by email for pictures
Thanks to all.

Added: October 27, 2017
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TO: Guy Hanna, posted on September 29, 2017:
SSG RICHARD JACKSON SWIGER, KIA 09/07/1969, M Company, 3/11 ACR

Added: October 26, 2017
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SSG was one of my best friends. Was a redhead (we called "Redbone";). Lots great memories.

Died 09/07/1969 at Binh Long Providence. Was in M Co, 3rd Sqdn, 11th Armored Cavalry.

This follow up is so long past due.

Would like very much to talk with anyone who know him.

Several years ago, the moving wall was here. I had copy for year book picture and his location from the Wall. The tv reporter saw and ask who was and could I talk. Yes made though with emotion and was on local new that evening. The least I could do for his sacrifice/memory.

Guy Hanna (864-238-9145)

Added: September 29, 2017
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Photos of the 2017 reunion in Orlando, Florida have been posted on our Facebook page.

Despite hurricane Irma, 500-600 weathered the hurricane and met with their friends at the 32nd Annual Reunion. Nothing was going to stop them from meeting again!

For those who cancelled, please see the refund information on our website at: www.11thcavnam.com --> Reunion Information -- 2017 Orlando Refunds.

Added: September 22, 2017
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I am a "guardian" with the Central Missouri Honor Flight. I will be escorting a Vietnam Veteran who served in the 11th Cav, F Trp, 2nd Sqnd to Washington D.C. to see his memorials.

This veteran received a Silver Star during a battle on 04/17/71 in Binh Duong Province, South Vietnam. Three of his comrades were KIA. I am hoping to reconnect him with fellow soldiers that he would have served with. His name is Mervin Seidel from Missouri. Thank you.

Added: September 21, 2017
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